A unique and hand drawn collection of 1,711 Zodiac animals ready to take over the Solana Block Chain streets.




The year is 42069 and the citizens of the Jade Emperor’s kingdom are living under the control of a corrupt and greedy ruler. The centralization of power and resources has created mass scarcity, as the Jade Emperor lives lavishly in his massive palace. A modern-day dystopian nightmare has fallen upon the land, as citizens sacrifice more free time and energy in order to sustain the most basic of living conditions.

With the Jade Emperor drunk on his own power, he creates 12 Zodiac Animals in order to control the flow of time. The Zodiac Animals are tasked with lengthening the 24-hour day by stealing $TFLO and allowing the Jade emperor to squeeze more working hours out of his already over worked citizens.

After witnessing the oppression and unfair treatment of the citizens, the Zodiacs rebel against the Jade Emperor. They take to the streets of his kingdom to unite and organize the people. By committing treason against the kingdom, the Zodiacs are labeled as gangsters.

Time is no longer a resource owned and centralized by the Jade Emperor. Entitled by the fact that the Emperor created the Zodiacs, he is viciously obsessed with hoarding all the $TFLO for his own evil and selfish interests. The rebellion has been framed to portray the Zodiacs as gangsters who are attempting to change the flow of time in their direction. The truth is that they wish to give the people an equal chance at life, as they have witnessed the inequality of free time that has forsaken the kingdom.

1711 “Gangster” Zodiacs are on the loose fighting against the Jade Emperor, and hanging out in the underground planning their next mission.

The revolution begins today…


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TimeFlow ($TFLO)

Created by the Jade Emperor in a power-hungry attempt to control time, the Gangster Zodiacs have the ability to regulate this powerful resource. In an act of defiance, the Zodiacs will steal Time-Flow and give it back to the its rightful owners.

($TFLO) will be instrumental in fighting the revolution by decentralizing control from the Jade Emperor’s grasp.











  • 1711 unique hand drawn Zodiacs escape from the control of the Jade Emperor and begin the revolution in the streets of the Solana blockchain. 
  • Creation of Companion’s Rebellion DAO. 
  • Creation of Time-Flow token ($TFLO) & Time-Flow LP.
  • Send your Zodiac Companion on rebel missions to steal ($TFLO)
  • The Underground Billiards Club: Competitive Billiards Club with various other arcade style games. Revenue from underground Billiards Club allocated to holders and LP.
  • Forge Elemental Amulets that can power up your Zodiacs ability to steal ($TFLO) and unlock further extended utility of ($TFLO).
  • Building of time chambers that will unlock Zodiac fusions and power evolutions.
  • Underground Bazaar: In house NFT market place where $TFLO will be used as main currency for purchases.
  • Collaborations with other projects that benefit holder.
  • Special announcement…


You’re probably here wondering, why did we create an NFT collection? Why Gangster Zodiacs? As a married couple with a new born child, life has been challenging in many different ways. While balancing family and work, we’ve come to one big realization: everyone deserves some free time. Both of us knowing what over 12 hour work days look like, we realized that we’ve been working tirelessly towards the goals of large companies that don’t care about their working community. All we want is to enable our community to gain what we all want, no, need… free time. Whether it’s spending that time with your family, creating new projects or just doing nothing, let us steal back our time from these big bosses that care nothing about us. We’re ready to be gangster zodiacs, stealing back time that is rightfully ours. Are you?
Most of us at some point have felt trapped, working long hours for someone else’s dream. We believe that having free time should be a fundamental human right. There is more to life than working endlessly without any appreciation. We can all benefit from spending more time with loved ones, creating passion projects and working towards our own dreams. With this in mind, The Dragoness was inspired to pursue her long time ambitions of becoming an artist/graphic designer.
The goal of this NFT is to build a community of likeminded individuals that can benefit from our project’s reward system, ultimately allowing everyone to have more free time by earning $TLFO. We want to empower our holders by giving them rewards that are generated through well thought out utility features, and also allow them to have a stake in the overall decision making of the project. We will grow together and earn together.


The Dragoness
(Head of Design)

A Doctor of neurophysiology and mother, who has decided to pursue her passion for art and design.

(Head of Operations and Development)

A loving father and Crypto/NFT degenerate who wants to build something that provides long term benefits to everyone involved.

Ogre King
(Master of Tokenomics and Developer)

The Founder of Zankoku Labz and a father that can pull off spinning heal kicks on his spare time.

Curly Sheep
(Tech Savant and Full Stack Developer)

Founder of Buxon Development Group and was contracted by NASA at a very young age.

Dr Sol
(Doctor of all things NFTs)

Founder of Metajuana Cannabis Society. If you have an issue, call Dr Sol!